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Take the African American Leadership Quiz

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Who is Loretta Lynch, and Why should she be Confirmed?

Major Milestones in the African American Struggle for Freedom

Sen. Bernie Sanders adds young criminal justice advocate and supporter of the Black Lives Matter…
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Major Milestones in the African American Struggle for Freedom

The recent spotlight on systematic racial profiling and police brutality against Black boys and men has exposed a painful truth long known in the Black community: just about every Black youth and man seems to have a story about being stopped by the police, and all live daily with the understanding it can happen to any of them at any time.
Dr. Terrell Strayhorn is Director of the Center for Higher Education Enterprise at The Ohio State University and a Professor of Higher Education in the
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Huckabee Claims Confederate Flag is not A Presidential Issue – Says He Won’t Be Baited

Huckabee won’t be ‘baited’ into Confederate flag debate, says it’s not a ‘presidential’ issue
Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said on Sunday he wouldn’t be “baited” into the politically charged Confederate flag debate in South Carolina, joining a group of fellow GOP White House contenders that says the state must decide.
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Major Milestones in the African American Struggle for Freedom

Nine people were shot to death at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday night, theCharleston Police Department confirmed at news conference early Thursday.
Calling it “the worst night of my career,” Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen said a gunman entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church during a prayer meeting and opened fire. Eight people were found dead at the scene. Two others were transported to a hospital, where one later died.
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Should America Pay?: Slavery and the Raging Debate on Reparations

Study finds U.S. ranks last in mothers’ health among developed nations with African American mothers…
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Double Trouble: Black Mayors, Black Communities, and the Call for a Deep Democracy (Transgressing Boundaries)

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Reparations Movement Grows – Caribbean-Americas-Africa-Europe

Global Pan African World Uniting for Reparations
By Dr. Ron Daniels
Queen Mother Audley Moore was an indefatigable teacher, advocate and organizer for Reparations, the fundamental idea that Africans in America are due compensation to repair the physical, cultural, spiritual and mental damages inflicted by the holocaust of enslavement. She called herself a “brain surgeon” dedicated toRead more…