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Introduction to Understanding the Internet and Web Hosting

Introduction to The Internet To fully understand Web Hosting, we should start with a brief introduction of the Internet. So, what exactly is the internet or World Wide Web? You’ve heard the term Information Super Highway. Servers and Protocols Well, the internet is really made of servers. Think

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Domain Name And Website – What Is The Difference Between Them ?

Domain Name and Website There is a difference between a domain name And website. If you’re new to websites and web hostings, we’ll walk you through the difference between a domain name and website. You may have thought about promoting your business or cause on the internet but haven’t really

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A DNS Server – An IP Address – And Your Website – How It All Works

How a DNS Server (Domain Name System) Works In this review, we will discuss what is a DNS server and how a domain name system works. The goal is to help you better understand the background processes that make websites and the internet work. On the internet, computers don’t network with each

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