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Power Wars: Inside Obama’s Post-9/11 Presidency

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charlie Savage’s penetrating investigation of the Obama presidency and the national security state Barack Obama campaigned on a promise of change from George W. Bush’s “global war on terror.” Yet from indefinite detention and drone strikes to surveillance and military tribunals, Obama ended up continuing-and in some cases expanding-many policies he inherited. What happened? In Power Wars, Charlie Savage looks inside the Obama administration’s national

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Freddie Gray Death – Homicide – 6 Police Arrested

POMONA, Calif. (AP) – Authorities have arrested a man they say doused a woman with gasoline and burned her to death during a domestic argument on Christmas Day in the Los Angeles suburb of Pomona. The Pomona Police Department says that, acting on a tip, officers from the Pasadena Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 51-year-old Clarence Dear on Sunday morning on a bus in Altadena. That’s about 28 miles northwest of Pomona. He’s jailed on $1 million bail.
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Mother Emanuel AME Church – Charleston South Carolina – Steeped in History

Edward Brooke – First African American Elected US Senator

ImageContent(562c1ad6e4b0443bb564335e,562c1036140000e800c7ac3b,Image,HectorAssetUrl(562c1036140000e800c7ac3b.jpeg,Some(),Some(jpeg)),EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ via Getty Images,) NEW YORK (AP) – Academy Award-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has joined hundreds of people rallying and marching through the streets of New York City to protest police brutality. The group rallied Saturday in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park before marching about 2 miles along Sixth Avenue. Speakers at the protest
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Million Mom March May 9 Washington DC

At 23 to 28 29, I was ahead of where I thought I would… Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson Shares Recipes for Financial and Entrepreneurial Success
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