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Power Wars: Inside Obama’s Post-9/11 Presidency

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charlie Savage’s penetrating investigation of the Obama presidency and the national security state Barack Obama campaigned on a promise of change from George W. Bush’s “global war on terror.” Yet from indefinite detention and drone strikes to surveillance and military tribunals, Obama ended up continuing-and in some cases expanding-many policies he inherited. What happened? In Power Wars, Charlie Savage looks inside the Obama administration’s national

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The Greatest American Moments In Olympic History

1. Jesse Owens Wins Gold In Nazi Germany View this image ” Associated Press / AP With the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, Hitler hoped that Aryan supremacy would be on display for the world to see. Jesse Owens had other plans. Owens won four gold medals at the ’36 games and returned to America a national hero. 2. The Miracle On Ice View this image ” The Soviet hockey team had won gold in every Olympics since 1964. They would go on tours where they would regularly annihilate NHL

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Lumumba on Education

The United States Military Academy at West Point is looking into whether 16 black female cadets violated rules against political expression by taking a photo in uniform with their fists in the air, an academy official told the Army Times. The photo features the women, all of whom are on the verge of completing their final year, posing in front of the campus’ oldest barracks building in dress uniforms. Photos like this are apparently common at West Point as an homage to old-fashioned military

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Elombe Brath – African Internationalist – Pan Africanist – Garveyite

Earlier today I viewed an excerpt from a short video clip of Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens NFL star speaking to the Black Lives Matters Movement about gun violence deaths of Black men resulting from the use of a gun by other Black men. Lewis made the point that such deaths are more frequent and quantitatively greater than those Black men killed by white police officers. What he said is true. I support the Black Lives Matter Movement in it’s awakening the national conscience to numerous

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