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Introduction to Understanding the Internet and Web Hosting

Introduction to The Internet To fully understand Web Hosting, we should start with a brief introduction of the Internet. So, what exactly is the internet or World Wide Web? You’ve heard the term Information Super Highway. Servers and Protocols Well, the internet is really made of servers. Think

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Obama Normalizes Relations with Cuba

My life began with one perplexing question: Who is daddy? Let me explain. From my earliest recollections, adults, when first meeting me, would invariably ask the question, “Do you know who your father is?” The query came from musicians and fans alike. I didn’t really understand the question at first, because the answer seemed so obvious. My father was my daddy. Of course, they would follow up with statements like, “You know he’s a genius,” which really meant nothing to a five- or
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Shirley Franklin Discusses Challenges for Atlanta

Learning how to talk to each other in ways that are productive and respectful seems an essential skill in our modern times, particularly on the subject of race. With trolls and small-minded people subverting the process in far too many avenues of discourse, and the art of listening too often lost in the rush to pontificate, we struggle to find empathy and common ground amongst ourselves. And never have both been more sorely needed. The conversation I’ve had over these last few weeks with
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