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After a lifetime in politics, Trenton mayoral candidate Oliver ‘Bucky’ Leggett is still waiting to seize his moment

Jo-Anne Vorster, Rhodes University and Lynn Quinn, Rhodes University It seems almost certain that South Africa’s universities cannot return to “business as usual” after the student protests that marked 2015. Some have asked what academics will learn from the protests and how they will – or won’t – alter their practice in classrooms. Another question arises: how do those tasked with the role of being academic staff developers work in productive ways with university teachers to decolonise
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Obama Normalizes Relations with Cuba

My life began with one perplexing question: Who is daddy? Let me explain. From my earliest recollections, adults, when first meeting me, would invariably ask the question, “Do you know who your father is?” The query came from musicians and fans alike. I didn’t really understand the question at first, because the answer seemed so obvious. My father was my daddy. Of course, they would follow up with statements like, “You know he’s a genius,” which really meant nothing to a five- or
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