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Racial Inequality in America

An ugly side of Halloween is the recent cases of revelers facing public outrage due… Ghosts, Goblins and … Blackface? Racist and Culture-Mocking Halloween Costumes Continue to Spark Outrage
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‘A Coward, A Traitor, And A Murderer’: Fort Hood Gunman Sentenced To Death

Since its inception in 1929, the Academy Awards has had a total of 75 entertainers,… Read more
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The Stolen Girls of Nigeria

I was sad to hear a mistrial declared in the case of Jonathan Ferrell whom Charlotte-Mecklenburg officer Randall Kerrick shot 10 times as Ferrell sought help following a car accident in 2013. The jury deadlocked after 4 days of deliberations. And as a former prosecutor, I feel anger at the jury and a criminal justice system that often vindicates police killings of unarmed black men and boys. Grand juries usually fail to indict police. And trials rarely bring a conviction. A grand jury
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Rep. Donald Payne: Remembering New Jersey’s First African-American Member of Congress

democracynow.org – Representative Donald Payne, the first ever African-American congressman from New Jersey, died Tuesday at the age of 77 from complications of colon cancer. The former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus was in his tweleveth term in the House. In 1988, Payne explained his desire to break the colorline in Congress saying, “I want to be a congressman to serve as a role model for the young people I talk to on the Newark street corners … I want them to see there are no
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UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: The Black Chinese: DNA test… Case Closed

Celebrities are turning the heat up in the kitchen with a variety of mouthwatering dishes….
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What’s on Your Mind – Kaye Dee & Motor Mouth

BB King has died. He wasn’t my all-time favorite Bluesman, but he was an exquisite musician and he influencedeveryone.
The moment we heard that Riley B. King — known universally both as “BB” and as the King of the Blues — had breathed his last, we invited ourselves to a very private memorial service. Our own. The King is dead, long live the Blues he was so crucial to shaping over his veryRead more…