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Web Dubois – Poet

The economic crisis that began in 2007 was a defining event for industry leaders and government institutions at all levels. For the fortunate, the turmoil of the Great Recession is slowly becoming a distant memory, one that is relegated to the past. For far too many, however, the struggle continues, especially for communities of color where economic inequality persists and the availability of good paying jobs remains a scare commodity. The nationwide and countywide unemployment rates have
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Black Athletes Stand with Black Community in Protest

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Denmark Vesey Monument Dedication – Hampton Park Pt. 1

Denmark Vesey Monument Dedication started at High Noon in Hampton Park just left of the Main Gazebo. It was a wonderful gathering… EXTREMELY EDUCATIONAL!!!
Denmark Vesey (born c. 1767, probably St. Thomas, Danish West Indies-died July 2, 1822, Charleston, S.C.), self-educated black man who planned the most extensive slave revolt in U.S. history (Charleston, 1822).
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