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Pillows For Your Feet Soft Gel Cushion Insoles/Inserts – For Stilettos

No More Time Limit Necessary! Are you considering not wearing stilettos or high heels anymore because it has become too painful? Even for a stiletto or high heel shoe lover like yourself? Pillows for Your Feet® for Stilettos are the revolutionary soft gel inserts invented by Celebrity

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Brown v. Board of Education – Its Historical Importance – Benjamin Hooks

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Bridge to Black Power: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

New York Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., chairman of the powerful House Education and Labor Committee, addressing a news conference, Washington, D. C., July 26, 1966. (I’ve added video of Black Power advocate Kwame Ture, then known as Stokely Carmichael. In it, Dr. Powell refers to Charles Sumner Stone, his chief assistant.)
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