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Remembering DJ E-Z Rock – “It takes Two”

The New York Knicks drafted Kristaps Porzingis with the fourth pick in the 2015 NBA Draft on Thursday. Oh, you aren’t happy with that pick? Neither was this kid.
Here's a freeze frame that really encapsulates the feeling of the New York City area. Facepalm Knicks fan. pic.twitter.com/xtCKMHRCZY
— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) June 26, 2015
“Apparently he's the best player available, you know,” said one of my New York-based colleagues, trying to explain the
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What’s on Your Mind – Kaye Dee & Motor Mouth

BB King has died. He wasn’t my all-time favorite Bluesman, but he was an exquisite musician and he influencedeveryone.
The moment we heard that Riley B. King — known universally both as “BB” and as the King of the Blues — had breathed his last, we invited ourselves to a very private memorial service. Our own. The King is dead, long live the Blues he was so crucial to shaping over his veryRead more…