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Crisis of Leadership in Chicago – Harold Washington @ Univ of IL 1982

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This is a video of a presentation by US Congressman Harold Washington at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on the crisis of leadership in Chicago, September, 1982.
Organized by the Afro American Studies Department, chaired by Dr. Abdul Alkalimat.
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African American Mayors Conference of Black Mayors

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Death of Harold Washington

November 25, 1987 we were recording the lighting of the Salvation Army Christmas Tree near Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago when we learned that Mayor Harold Washington had suffered a heart attack. This is the first national news story I worked on as a young producer with WCFC-TV 38 Chicago. Wade Bobbitt ran camera as I recall.Read more…

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Crisis of Leadership in Chicago – Harold Washington @ Univ of IL 1982

It’s always very challenging for a parent when their child has a serious health condition. It’s even more challenging when their child has a serious condition but has no health insurance to cover the needed care and emergencies. Both were true for one Texas mother whose 12-year-old daughter Evelyn was diagnosed with a heart defect. Evelyn often ended up at her school nurse’s office complainingRead more…