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Attorneys for Michael Brown Slam Grand Jury Secrecy as Ferguson, Missouri Prepares for Decision

WASHINGTON — Two top congressional Democrats denounced the possible election of a Republican president and warned that the GOP candidates, particularly real estate mogul Donald Trump, would set America back as leaders because their racist and sexist rhetoric misrepresents the country. Discussing the 2016 presidential race at a Black History Month reception hosted by the Democratic National Committee on Monday night, Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), chair of the Congressional Black Caucus,

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Black Panthers (1968) part 4

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A Racially Biased Prosecutor – A Secret Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri – No Justice, No Peace!

“You sound familiar … are you Howard Stern?”
In 1996,before YouTube videos of people rapping in drive-thru lines and pranks on fast food window attendants existed,David Letterman went to a local Taco Bell and took orders from the drive-thru in a very David Letterman kind of way.
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Black Panthers (1968) part 4

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