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A Racially Biased Prosecutor – A Secret Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri – No Justice, No Peace!

Economic Policty Institute researchers have released a comprehensive new report that shows that black and… http://www.blackenterprise.com/education/segregated-schools-stifling-students-of-color/

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History of the Black Panther Party: Huey Newton and the Price of Black Power in America (1994)

I have always been what is considered to be a “good black person.” I have a diverse set of friends, a home, a nice car and three graduate degrees. I’ve traveled the world, from France to India, New Zealand and beyond. I am happily married to a white man who loves and respects me, and his family loves me and has supported our relationship from the beginning. Many have said to me that I am a credit to my race. Professionally, I am a well-respected tax lawyer and a leader in my community. In
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