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The Black Power Movement; March 31, 2006

Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald will be bringing his executive expertise to the Black Enterprise… http://www.blackenterprise.com/event/2016-women-of-power-summit-carnival-corp-ceo-arnold-donald-confirmed/
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Finally – US Senate Confirms First African-American Women on Georgia’s Federal Courts

BOSTON (AP) — It’s not always the slurs and the other out-and-out acts of racism. It’s the casual, everyday slights and insensitivities. Sheryce Holloway is tired of white people at Virginia Commonwealth University asking if they can touch her hair or if she knows the latest dance move. At Chicago’s Loyola University, Dominick Hall says groups of white guys stop talking when he walks by, and people grip their bags a little tighter. And Katiana Roc says a white student a few seats away from
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Supreme Court Could Bring Back Jim Crow Voting Laws

Former professor Michael Middleton becomes interim president at University of Missouri . Read more
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History of the Black Panther Party: Huey Newton and the Price of Black Power in America (1994)

I have always been what is considered to be a “good black person.” I have a diverse set of friends, a home, a nice car and three graduate degrees. I’ve traveled the world, from France to India, New Zealand and beyond. I am happily married to a white man who loves and respects me, and his family loves me and has supported our relationship from the beginning. Many have said to me that I am a credit to my race. Professionally, I am a well-respected tax lawyer and a leader in my community. In
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Biden honors MLK: “Fighting the fight again” on voting rights

White House confirms Education Secretary Arne Duncan will step down from his post in December. Read more
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