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Oakland Riots – Davey D Rants on Mayor Ron Dellums

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Oakland Riots – Davey D Rants on Mayor Ron Dellums

HipHop Reporter Davey D vents his frustration with Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums at the BART Fruitvale Press Coference and protest. Davey D explains that Dellums could have met with the people and had a press conference rather than “hiding” behind his staff.
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Major Milestones in the African American Struggle for Freedom

Nine people were shot to death at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday night, theCharleston Police Department confirmed at news conference early Thursday.
Calling it “the worst night of my career,” Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen said a gunman entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church during a prayer meeting and opened fire. Eight people were found dead at the scene. Two others were transported to a hospital, where one later died.
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Interview with Mayor Ron Dellums PT 1

The typical birthday involves maybe a nice meal and some presents that come from the heart but aren’t actually all that useful or cool. Kanye West’s birthday is not the average birthday.
And so, Mrs. West, otherwise known as Kim Kardashian, decided to do something a bit more impressive to celebrate Kanye’s special day on Monday. Like rent out Staples Center so the 38-year-old rapper and allRead more…