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#1. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal……Removed Black Elected Officials!

July 12, 2011, President Dennard and other elected officials doing their duties for our children. KVCI, on location and keeping you informed. LINKS OF INFORMATION: See the professional manner in which this newly elected President carries out the meeting and look how some seem to NOT approve of her newly assigned duties! My Fellow Georgians & Americans! Did the State of Georgia News Media Outlets inform you about what have been recorded and will be included into the South Georgia Historic
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White Supremacist Donated to Several 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Playlist: The White Supremacy Movement and the Republican Party
The head of a white supremacist group, cited by the suspected gunman who killed nine African Americans at a black South Carolina church last week, has given thousands of dollars to several 2016 Republican presidential candidates. According to the Guardian, Earl Holt III of Texas, leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens, has donated a total of $65,000 to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick SantorumRead more…

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African American Mayors Conference of Black Mayors

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