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RBG-How the FBI Sabotaged Black America, A Documentary by Gil Noble

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders wondered during Thursday’s Democratic debate whether a toxic water crisis like the one in Flint, Michigan, would happen to a town that’s not majority black. “One wonders if this were a white suburban community what kind of response there would have been,” Sanders said, to cheers from the audience. “Flint, Michigan, is a poor community. It is disproportionately African-American and minority, and what has happened there is absolutely
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Deep River – Paul Robeson

Welsh coal-mining story from 1940, starring Mr. Paul Robeson. This is from The Proud Valley.

DISCLAIMER: All rights reserved to the production companies and music labels that distributed and produced the music and performance respectively. I’ve only added the footage as a tribute for historical, entertainment, and creative purposes with no financial gain. Copyright infringement not intended.Read more…

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