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An artist from Sweden is going small to look at the bigger global picture. Camilla Hällgren places playful-looking miniature toy figures next to everyday items to create powerful photographs that throw the spotlight on pressing social issues. Inequality, power, immigration, democracy, gender and gun violence all come under the university researcher’s gaze in her “Little Sweden Art” project. “Who are we in this big world? What does it mean to be human?” she says are the underlying questions
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Civil rights leaders look back at the 1960s

The so-called “Great Society” era was a turbulent time of change with President Lyndon B. Johnson ushering an era of transformation, centered around programs coming from the federal government. A huge part of that decade: the civil rights movement and the people focused on changing the country.
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Black Politics in New Deal Atlanta

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Civil rights leaders look back at the 1960s

A new research study says sexism in STEM is alive and well — and that it disproportionately affects women of color.
The”The 5 Biases Pushing Women Out Of STEM” study — published in the Harvard Business Review — surveyed 557 female scientists and interviewed 60 of them.
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What’s on Your Mind – Kaye Dee & Motor Mouth

BB King has died. He wasn’t my all-time favorite Bluesman, but he was an exquisite musician and he influencedeveryone.
The moment we heard that Riley B. King — known universally both as “BB” and as the King of the Blues — had breathed his last, we invited ourselves to a very private memorial service. Our own. The King is dead, long live the Blues he was so crucial to shaping over his veryRead more…