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Denmark Vesey Monument Dedication – Unveiling Moment

The father of a 22-year-old Louisiana man who authorities claim fatally shot himself while handcuffed in a patrol car is angry that the district attorney’s office has declined to pursue criminal charges. “It’s disappointing, disheartening, baffling and disgusting all at the same time,” Victor White Sr. told The Huffington Post. Prosecutors had been investigating whether charges were appropriate in Victor White III’s shooting death, but found no “evidence to suggest a violation of a criminal
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Obama Withstands Reactionary Republicans, Billionaire Financiers, and Hard Core Racists

A video of a 2014 Chicago police shooting of a black man will be released next week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Thursday after days of controversy over another fatal police shooting caught on tape. Emanuel said the city would release police squad car dashboard video of the shooting of 25-year-old Ronald Johnson III, who was killed by police on Oct. 12, 2014, a week before the shooting death of Laquan McDonald, 17. Details of when the video would be released were not available from the
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