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African American Slave Revolts and Rebellions

PHILADELPHIA – A suburban Philadelphia school is removing “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” from its 11th grade curriculum, saying the language and portrayal of blacks makes students uncomfortable. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Friends’ Central School decided the “community costs” of reading Mark Twain’s 1885 classic outweigh the literary benefits. Art Hall, principal of the school in Wynnewood, says the book’s use of racial slurs was “challenging for some students, who felt the
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Booker T. Washington Poem

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Booker T. Washington Poem

Questions and Answers
I need help in finding a poem…?Could someone help me find the poem “The Secret of Progress” by Booker T. Washington..Thanks in advance :D.
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If you can’t find it online, go to the library and look in the “Columbia Granger’s Index to Poetry.” It lists many poems and tells you what book they can be found in.
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