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Coach Olive Women US 8 Black Loafer

The Coach Olive Casual Shoes feature a Leather upper with a Round Toe . The Man-Made outsole lends lasting traction and wear. Product Features The style name is Olive. The style number is A7751-BLK. Brand Color: Black (Main Color: Black) Material: Leather Measurements: 0.25″ heel Width: B(M)

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Finally – US Senate Confirms First African-American Women on Georgia’s Federal Courts

BOSTON (AP) — It’s not always the slurs and the other out-and-out acts of racism. It’s the casual, everyday slights and insensitivities. Sheryce Holloway is tired of white people at Virginia Commonwealth University asking if they can touch her hair or if she knows the latest dance move. At Chicago’s Loyola University, Dominick Hall says groups of white guys stop talking when he walks by, and people grip their bags a little tighter. And Katiana Roc says a white student a few seats away from
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Nzingha: Women in The Garvey Movement 2008

Driver pulled over for a traffic violation Expecting nothing more License and registration handy The patrolman approach the door “What’s the problem officer?” “What did I do wrong?’ Officer said nothing at all Just stared hard and long “Step out of the car nice and slow” “Don’t make any sudden moves” “Put your hands in the air” “Resist and you will loose” Young driver scared and confused Took off running away Worse decision ever made The price he had to pay Six shots in his back Two more to
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