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RBG-How the FBI Sabotaged Black America, A Documentary by Gil Noble

American mountain climber Sophia Danenberg made history in 2006 at age 34 when she became… Continue reading
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Ban the Box

The year is 1993. Carlito’s Way is our favorite movie. We watched it at least 10 times. We knew the lines of our favorite scenes verbatim. Moya would play Gail, and I Carlito. She was fond of the scene where Gail confronts Carlito as to why they broke up. Moya was a romantic — she was fond of saying, “Prison could never come between true love.” She thought Carlito was selfish — thus only protecting himself by breaking up with Gail after he got sentenced to 30 years in prison. I admired
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After a lifetime in politics, Trenton mayoral candidate Oliver ‘Bucky’ Leggett is still waiting to seize his moment

Jo-Anne Vorster, Rhodes University and Lynn Quinn, Rhodes University It seems almost certain that South Africa’s universities cannot return to “business as usual” after the student protests that marked 2015. Some have asked what academics will learn from the protests and how they will – or won’t – alter their practice in classrooms. Another question arises: how do those tasked with the role of being academic staff developers work in productive ways with university teachers to decolonise
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